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Game By God: Sludge Reformation is a web serial about a young woman who participates in a murder mystery elimination-style death game run by “God” — one intended to be filmed and televised for the enjoyment of millions worldwide. She quickly finds herself swept into a tough game with fifteen intimidating opponents, the majority of which are shorter than her. With a functioning index finger and a lifetime of pretending to know how to spot contradictions, will By Menachem have what it takes to win?

The serial is inspired by a large number of different sources, but it is most reminiscent of “finger-pointer” style whodunits. If you’ve enjoyed media in the past involving lawyersdetectives, puzzles, killing, or escaping, and you get a small twinge of excitement whenever you see a person point towards another and call them a liar, this is especially written for you. If you haven’t experienced that type of media before, don’t fret. It’s still totally cool to read this.

It should be noted that this work touches on many different aspects of the human experience, both good and bad, and it is not something that a young or sensitive reader would be well suited for. In addition to potentially graphic or uncomfortable portrayals of occasionally dark situations, it should be noted that this serial is horrendously obnoxious. Most characters within, including the protagonist, seem to be completely unable to shut the fuck up about voicing their terrible and stupid opinions, arguing about anything from the philosophy of epistemology to whether or not ice puns can serve as an acceptable social greeting.

In other words, shit gets preachy, and fast. If you happen to be the type of sick pseudo-intellectual masochist who likes that type of garbage, you could theoretically start reading by clicking here.

The serial updates every Wednesday and Saturday, without exception. I’m big on meeting deadlines. A sizable backlog has been written in advance to help avoid the pitfalls of procrastination and whatever life happens to throw at me, so I intend to write the story on pace and without hiatus. In the event of my untimely death, a trusted friend has been given the keys to a small safe buried somewhere on a secret island seven-hundred miles off the coast of São Tomé and Príncipe, which contains a full plot synopsis of the story yet to come, several DNA samples, and detailed instructions on how one would go about creating and raising a perfect clone of myself in order to finish the story. I’m very committed to this.