Art Corner

Here’s where I’ll post any hypothetical fan art sent my way, as well as share my thoughts on it.

There’s no bar for quality.


  • From my Discord friend Mitch, who isn’t six and also graduated with honors from a well-respected art college. I think he’s really done a phenomenal job of capturing ZB’s spunk, if anything. I’m not too versed in art history, but I think most would be able to identify the obvious Duchampian influence at play within this work; the piece exudes such a sense of boldness and loathing for traditional conceptions of art that I struggle to describe it through text alone. You might be wondering if that’s Comic Sans, and yes, I’m told that it is. Evocative and powerful — much like ZB herself.


  • From a Redditor who wished to be credited as “Jacko”, we have another fantastic piece, this time of everyone’s favorite anesthesiologist, Corn. It’s rare that an author gets to see an exact representation of what they were imagining during the writing process, but so is artwork this inspiringly breathtaking. I think what really makes this one so special isn’t just the quality and technical brilliance of the work — of which there is too much to really describe — but the fact that it remains so accessible despite its inherent complexity.  I’m illiterate, unfortunately, but even I can appreciate the staggeringly beautiful way that Corn’s tumor has been drawn.

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